Brave Blogging Beginner

 Blogging Beginner

I've often wondered about the benefits of blogging, for me and the potential readers, what can I possibly have to share with others and what do I want my readers to gain? Blogging is for the youthful generation, who have followers and likes, who make a living on blogging and vlogging! I'm pretty certain I don't fit into that category.
Readers will want different things from a blog. I've spent some time reading blogs, mainly education based blogs by teachers, but even so, these have always left me pondering something.  So for me blogging is to ensure a reader finishes with thought, idea or question.

What can I write about? Well I'm a Mum, first and foremost. My children are my world, through the calm seas and stormy weathers, they are always the blue sky and summer sun. Parents and carers are becoming frequent bloggers, writing humorous and honest accounts of life and times of their children. Can I do that? I ask myself. Maybe. But I'm most likely to blog about my work, my job. The world of education is immense, daunting, extensive and is often given a hard time in the media. For me, education is dedication and commitment to a school, my role, the pupils and colleagues. It's having that small but meaningful impact on a child's development, to their school life, to their general well-being and hopefully their future. That, I hear you say, is not even scratching the surface of education!

Today at a well-being conference, I came away with 'equipment' that will develop my 'tool box' for both of the above roles, but one thing a key speaker said is "you've got to be brave". I say to my own children be brave, I encourage pupils to be brave, I need to be brave.
That's what has led to me actually doing it! Taking the plunge, being brave and starting this blog.