Books Books Books

The use of  books and stories to support children's developing knowledge and understanding of their own emotions is a subtle yet effective way to explore feelings in a safe, secure environment, whilst being supported by a trusted adult.

I waned to share some books that I have used, in hope that you can use them and share them in your school/setting. I've chosen these books as I have found that by using them, its had an impact on the children, and helped to achieve the aim of the sessions.

1. How are you feeling today? By Molly Potter

This has some great bright clear pictures, and is most suited to EYFS/Y1. The pictures are the key to young children being able to identify with an emotion and to explore what other emotions may look like.

2. The Colour Monster By Anna Llenas

Fabulous illustrations that depict emotions as colours. I feel this could be used across the ages. It shows the reader that emotions can become 'mixed up' and difficult to organise but with some gentle coaching we can identify them, which will lead to a better ability to understand and manage them.
Pintrest have follow on activities to do, but WHSmith have a activity book, I'm yet to purchase this one - but its on the wish list!

3. Mum and Dad Glue By Kes Gray

Written from a child's perspective it is infused with empathy for the reader.  An essential book to support children who are going through a parental separation. The powerful story lays emphasis on the love for the child from both parents.

4. The Rainbow Fish By Marcus Pfister

This is one of my favourite books which discusses friendship, sharing and kindness. A must for all classrooms and ELSAs.  The book comes with a CD-ROM for follow on activities but Twinkl have a wide range of downloadable resources from lesson plans to colouring pages.

5. The Day Poppa Turned into a Star By Tracey Lawrence

Although I haven't used this book in a work capacity, I was able to share it with a friend/family of mine, who lost a grandparent. The smallest child of the family didn't understand and well, the story has helped. Child was able to relate, and now has plastic glow up stars in their room to remind them at night time.  A website I use frequently has resources to support use of the book.

That concludes my 5 top books. Five? Yes, for now. I'm sure as I go along my journey I will discover more and more resources. I'd love to hear what you have found to be an invaluable resource in supporting children with their emotional literacy.